• Parolini combines Italian and German Composers

    Gräfenhain concert leaves splendid impressions and reveals musical relationship between the Thuringian Georg Böhm and Johann Sebastian Bach After a purely German program in his last appearance two years ago, this time the Milanese organist Giorgio Parolini brought all different kinds of music of Italian composers into the Trinity church in Gräfenhain. The concert began […]

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  • Conclusion of the Concert Series: The quality of the organ gets recognition.

    At the conclusion of the concert season in the St. Peters Church in Seehausen there was a special treat. When an organist of international recognition travels to Seehausen by plane and train, there must be a good reason for it. The organist Giorgio Parolini, born in 1971, heard in his hometown that the restoration of […]

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  • De la musique italienne à Saint-Denis.

    Les Amis de l’orgue Kern de Gerstheim ont accueilli Giorgio Parolini, organiste et professeur d’orgue italien. À l’invitation des Amis de l’orgue Kern de Gerstheim, Giorgio Parolini a interprété un répertoire de musique d’orgue italienne, hormis une petite entorse avec la transcription, par l’Allemand Johann Walther, moins célèbre que celle de Bach, du célèbre Concerto […]

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  • A German concert program with an Italian note

    The 18th Organ Spring in Böblingen: The organist Giorgio Parolini from Milan played on Sunday in St. Mary´s. Böblingen. Milan is the second largest city in Italy with a population of 1.3 million. Many venerable churches are here, Giorgio Parolini was active in one of them: the Basilica of St. Eufemia. Parolini was titular organist […]

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  • Arch from the Baroque into the early Modern

    The award-winning Italian organist Giorgio Parolini, an internationally sought-after concert virtuoso, performed at the 12th Marbach Organ Summer on the Voit organ of the St. Alexander Church on Sunday evening. District cantor Hermann Toursel was quite pleased that this exceptional artist born in 1971 chose the Schiller city as one of the stops of his […]

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