• CRITIC OF THE CD “AMAZING GRACE” – The American Organist August 2023

    Villasanta is a municipality a few miles northeast of Milan. Its church of St. Anastasia, which fronts the Pope John XXIII Plaza, was built in the late 18th century. The organ is new, dating to 2013, and was constructed by Diego Bonato. It has electronic action, 91 ranks, 65 speaking stops, four 61-note manuals, and […]

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  • Italian organ sounds in Gräfenhain

    Giorgio Parolini from Milan inspires the audience with powerful music in the Holy Trinity Church For the fifth time, organist Giorgio Parolini was a guest at the Gräfenhain Music Summer. In his programme, he brought along works by Italian composers that were surprising in their clarity. From Giuseppe Burocco (1672-1728), called Frà Narciso da Milano, […]

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  • Amazing Grace – Opere per Organo di Grimoaldo Macchia

    Organista: Giorgio Parolini Organo: Chiesa di S.Anastasia di Villasanta Motette – CD – DDD – MOT15040 – 2021 Già da qualche anno (quattro, per l’esattezza) attendevamo una nuova produzione interamente dedicata alle opere di Grimoaldo Macchia e, dopo le precedenti tre (apparse nel 2011, 2013 e nel 2017) ecco che è arrivato l’ultimo CD che […]

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  • From Milan to Gräfenhain

    Giorgio Parolini fascinates once again during his guest performance on the Thielemann organ of the Trinity church The Milan organist Giorgio Parolini returned once again to the Thielemann organ in the Dreifaltigkeitskirche in Gräfenhain built between 1728 and 1731. Much to our pleasure, he also included representatives of the Italian organ school in his program, […]

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  • The art of transition

    Giorgio Parolini elicited gentle and frenzied sounds from the queen of instruments at the Meiningen Organ Summer concert in the city church. And not just with “classic”. The Adagio from Charles Marie Widors (1844–1937) Symphony No. 6 (op. 42/2) comes to an end in a calm and playful manner, the carefree melody is carried by […]

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