The heritage of our “minors”

4 May 1999

Concert series of the Borgo Gemona district in Udine

Attendance doubled in the Borgo Gemona church for the last concert of the organ festival organized by the parish. We were also glad to see, in addition to the courage of the thematic choice (the Italian organ school), that the poster did not present performers with striking names, so as to constitute an advertising launch for the full success of the event. Three organists: Roberto De Nicolò from Friuli and Pietro Pasquini from Cremona, very good, and, finally, the Milanese Giorgio Parolini, the youngest, but no less deserving.
He too, like the first two, went “fishing” for authors, not only unknown to us, but who gave a sign of notable interest: both to finally get to know them after who knows how long of a silence, and because, despite being “minor”, they have shown how many of our organ composers of the Baroque era constitute a heritage to be valued.
The ease and confidence of Parolini was impressive, starting very well with Frescobaldi (especially in the magnificent Canzona Quarta); a sumptuous introduction to pass to the well-known… chirping of the “cuckoo”, the very famous Scherzo by Bernardo Pasquini, rendered with measured and pleasant use of beautiful registers. Then the wisdom of the great Padre Martini, of whom a solemn Grave was offered, but even more the delicious and well-known Sonata sui Flauti, played with confidence. Here are the two good “illustrious strangers”, the Capuchin Padre Narciso da Milano and Cosimo Casini from Pistoia. Bach could not be missing: again the Concerto da Vivaldi in a-minor and the Fugue in b-minor on a theme by Corelli: two masterpieces, two interpretations that with time and experience will give Parolini greater acclaim. Two pieces by Bossi, a mystical Ave Maria Op.104 Nr. 1 and a less effective Entrée Pontificale Op.104 Nr. 2. Finally, two paraphrases on as many Gregorian themes by a contemporary, the young Milanese Eugenio Maria Fagiani: not very convincing. He, Giorgio Parolini, never the less convinced the attentive and applauding public. At this point it is necessary to recall the fitting initiative of the parish to affix a plaque on the organ of the new church in memory of the generous benefactress, Milena Paolini.

Battista Sburlino (“Il Gazzettino”, 04/05/1999)