‹‹The Italian School››

3 May 1999

The Organ recitals on the theme ‹‹The Italian School›› has been closed last Friday with a concert of the young and musical organist Giorgio Parolini….In the first part of the concert, played on the organ by Zanin in the ancient church, G. Parolini has brilliantly played with high sense of the form and fine care of execution’s praxis a series of pieces of XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries….

In the second part he has put through his paces the instrument built by Zanin in 1989 for the new church. He has played with much elegance Bach’s Fugue on a theme by Corelli and the Concert in A minor after Vivaldi…..Warm ovations have been tributed to the skilful organist, who played as an encore the triumphant “Entrée Pontificale” by M.E. Bossi.
Renato della Torre

From “Messaggero Veneto”, May the 3rd 1999