Con Giorgio Parolini all’Organo della basilica

2 September 1998

„Between Bach’s organ works (the artistic direction asked for all the Toccatas and Fugues, one every concert) the one played by Parolini (BWV 566) seemed to us the most weighty, especially for the registrations: stout sonorities without to compromise the intelligibility of the articulation, sternness and a great solemnity easily conjugated each other. The brilliant virtuosity of the young musician has been confirmed without doubts in the B.A.C.H. Prelude and Fugue by Liszt, played with attention of tempos and registrations, and above all showed with great virtuosistic solutions, without to fall in a noisy spectacularity…“

B. Zappa

From „L’Eco di Bergamo“, September the 2nd, 1998