Standing ovation in the church

20 octobre 2009

ORGAN FESTIVAL: Giorgio Parolini organist from Milan guest invited by Marius Popp at Christuskirke in Kronach. It was the second of three concerts.

The V International Organ Festival of Kronach has continued on Sunday with an impressive concert by Giorgio Parolini. For the concert – entitled “Three centuries of organ music” – the organist of the famous Basilica of S. Eufemia in Milan has presented pieces extremely interesting and difficult, the focus of the program was constituted by pieces of Italian composers. As a homage to the 200 anniversary of Felix Mendelssohn- Bartholdy’s birth we have listened to the Sixth and last Sonata, known also as “Vater Unser”. The artistic director of the Festival – that this year offers three concerts and it’s under the protection of Regional President Oswald Marr, is again the kantor Marius Popp.

As repeatedly he succeeded, for the concert he has invited famous artists. So it was with Giorgio Parolini, one among the most famous young Italian organists. The musician, born in 1971, after organ studies in Italy and at the Superior Conservatory in Geneva has been awarded in several international competitions, In addition to an extended concert activity which bring him regularly playing as soloist in famous European and American cathedrals – such as Notre Dame in Paris and St. Patrick in New York – presently Parolini is titular organist of the Basilica of S. Eufemia in Milan. The kantor is very happy for having succeeded to bring to Kronach a so valued artist. He deeply knows Italian organ music and consequently its “particular language”. In the Sixth Sonata of Felix Mendelssohn- Bartholdy Giorgio Parolini has put under the light the different aspects of this piece, with sonority from a delicate “piano” up to a solemn “fortissimo” in the most virtuous point of the piece. In “Solo di oboe” – as the title says – we listened to a pleasant melody on a reed stop, while in “Invocazione” the melody is given to flute stops and accompanied by a sonority like the strings. Both pieces are by Filippo Capocci. In “Veni Creator Spiritus” by the contemporary composer Eugenio Maria Fagiani, dedicated to Parolini, a music very elaborated and rich of effects is presented. In the piece very quick and dissonant motives are proposed above the melody of the Hymn very clearly presented to the pedal; as homage to the Holy Spirit’s strength the composition ends with a sparkling “Tutti” of the organ. With registration always various and clever – with virtuosity – Giorgio Parolini has also presented the other pieces. The public, enthusiast by the excellent skill of the exceptional organist, react with a roaring applause and a standing ovation.
Heike Schlein

“Fränkischer Tag” October 20th 2009